Your title – Is it YOU?

Did you ever reflect on your title? Not so much your qualification as phd, coach, certified so-and-so, rather: what is your job title?


„I am a project lead“ - or project manager? Is this a different gut feeling?

„I am an administrative assistant“ - „I am a house keeper“


My facebook status really triggered this reflection.

Two years ago, I decided to stay out of the corporate world - I became „self-employed“.

By myself and constantly employed = busy, as my self-employed busybody friends would point out. They seemed strained, overworked and tired. „I have to do everything myself – I employ myself always.“ Well, yes, that´s how it is if you decide against being an employee.


I asked myself, is this the vision I have of my life: by myself, constantly employing myself? Not really.... It feels tiring, little security, loads of worries – and very little vacation as there is no income unless, I busy myself constantly.


Ok, what other titles come to mind if one is not an employee:

Business woman – mmh – that sounds different! Busy, rational, business-like. It feels somewhat „bigger“. I am growing my business – yep, that sounds more like me.


How about „free-lance“ - a good friend of mine told me she does consider herself as freelancer, she does follow her calling, being completely free how to go about it – how to „lance“ her life. And she is full of joy when she says it. Maybe a new word creation: joy-lance?


Oh, and then there is the word „entrepreneur“ (is it „entrepreneuse“ for us women?). To lead an enterprise – do you remember Startrek? The spaceship Enterprise... travelling to unseen worlds, discovering new planets – sounds like fun. An enterprise feels like a bit of an adventure to me, some risk involved – and joy in expressing myself.


OK! I changed my facebook status to „entrepreneuse“ - German: „Unternehmerin“.


How about you? How do you feel about your title? Does it express who you are?


Rarely will you be able to decide on your own title in a corporation. I used to be „Web & Reporting Center Coordinator“ and „European Vendor Manager of the IT Helpdesk“. A good description of my function, yet it said very little about me as a person.


Actually, during that time I did invent my own private title: I considered myself a „mama-manager“.

I had returned to corporate life following a 6 year career break with our growing family. My aim was to be a „mama-manager“, which to me meant to still be present for my girls and at the same time doing a good job, pursuing my career.

My inside-title: mama-manager.


Following my lay-off, I wondered: what is my inside-title now? It took a while and some observation to realize that I was „transitioning“. Transitioning towards... what? Initially, there was no clear plan: the move from Italy to Germany was a real challenge „on the outside“ in daily life, just as the programs and certifications around personality, training and coaching provided challenges „on the inside“. Finally, I came home – outside, and inside.


So what about my inner-title now? Honestly – it´s not clear yet. I will let you know.


And what about your inside-title? Which moment of your life are you living? What would be an appropriate title for your current life situation – and do you like it, is this where you want to be, or do you want to move to a different place?


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