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The Rational and the Intuitive
The Rational and the Intuitive


It´s high time for the next blog.


I´m getting a weird feeling in my stomach – what topic will I choose today? Anything worthwhile sharing that crossed my mind recently?


I remember the very interesting blog posts of my good friends which I follow regularly:

Barbara Sinclair, the ayurvedic expert – her practical tips and how-to´s help getting through the difficult seasons, based on our “dosha”. Sometimes it's as easy as covering my neck with a scarf in the windy season, sometimes a glass of warm water with cinnamon. Each time I read her blog, I take some practical advice home.


Nancy L. Neff , suffering from poor eyesight since childhood, shares her experiences and inSights around the origins of poor sight – and how to improve on it. An inSightFull coach, so to speak.


Petra Polk, the networking expert in Germany, shares advice around how to build my network and what to pay attention to during networking meetings.


Each of these women focusses on her very own topic – chosen based on her life´s experience. Just as the phrase I heard the other day states: “your mess is your message”.


So, what about my own blog? What about my own "mess". The blogs I wrote were based on situations that triggered my own thinking and raised my awareness around my own behavior and internal patterns. My aim was to trigger deeper insights also in my readers. To achieve clarity on their own behavior and thinking.


Which mirrors exactly what my work is about: achieving clarity. Clients usually bring a burning question, or a situation where they are stuck and want to move forward:

“I need to decide whether to push my career further or whether it's time to find a different work-life balance.”

“I just started a new job and this new manager is just as difficult as the previous one – what can I do about that.”

“I´m expected to lead the family business which does fulfill me – at the same time I do not want to give up on my position at university.”


During the session we look for root causes – what´s blocking the decision, what underlying beliefs influence how you feel today. What are your values at this point in your life and career.

Through attentive listening and perceiving all levels of communication I support you in clearing the mist surrounding your thoughts to get to a point of clarity about the next best step for you.


Thank you so much for your interest and for reading my blog, I do look forward to comments and to your returning visit next year! Look out for further articles and upcoming workshops – also online. To make sure you get all the news, you may want to subscribe here to my monthly newsletter.


May all your wishes come true in 2017!