Great expectations...

Wherever the journey leads..
Wherever the journey leads..


the unexpected...




may cause



so when you´re disappointed

look for the expectation - which is none but your own

look for what you got instead

and ask yourself... 

what is the good in what I got....


maybe a gift is hidden in the unexpected

beyond all you could imagine before


How I came to understand the tricky nature of one's own expectations:


About a year ago, I had my own booth at a health fair - offering on the spot laser coaching sessions. My expectation regarding that fair was to promote my business and to come home with new clients.

Which…. did not happen. My booth was in a corner setting, and only a few people stopped by. I went home disappointed.


There were quite some ladies I remember, who took me up on my offer - and who went home with a real great „aha“ moment.

So - was my time at the fair really "wasted"? It did not meet my expectations - yet…. I am sure for those few women, something shifted. And also the lady at the neighboring booth: she drew a „talking picture“ for me and I coached her - it was very enlightening for both. So - was my time at the fair wasted - no.


And still another thing happened: going around the fair, I came across a massage therapist - a very gifted man. Again, we traded skills - coaching and massage. It was marvelous!


Again - was the fair a flop? Looking just at my expectations, yes. I did not get one client out of this fair. Yet… I got so much else! Plus, some food for thought what to do different either at the next fair, or generally to promote my business. 


Conclusion: Next time you feel unhappy with a situation or a person - ask yourself - what was my expectation? And... what did I obtain instead. You'll get over your disappointment and into a way better mood.


I found my unhappiness about the seemingly bad outcome - vanished. As I understood the valuable learning that came of the fair - instead of my .. expectations.


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