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Workshop Fun
Workshop Fun

During the past few years I received a lot of help through consultants and therapists of various areas. Each one of them had a unique skill in their specific area of expertise. Just as you find yourself with your own special problem in a unique moment of your life.


Here you find a list of those "helpers" - based on a rough distinction of their area of expertise being with either body, mind or soul. I do know them personally and feel I can recommend them to you - they all share their positive attitude full of light, seeing the whole of the client and his/her situation. 

Michele Grace Lessirard Florida - USA Marketing for Healers
Deborah King Center USA Energy Medicine
Inner Impact Ontario / Canada Energy Healing, Law of Attraction
Spiritual Journey Florida / USA A website for spiritual resources
Emerging Souls Brisbane / Australia Intuitive Healing & Coaching
Creating Harmony Lethbridge / Canada Create the rich, vibrant life you desire...

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