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Control is an Illusion

I´ve been pondering this topic for a while, since I was invited to participate in a compliance seminar at my previous employer.

I am talking about an American corporation with a strong focus on compliance, in the sense of standard processes, documented processes, with controls in place and a regular internal audit check – a control of the controlled processes.

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Great expectations...

Wherever the journey leads..
Wherever the journey leads..


the unexpected...




may cause



so when you´re disappointed

look for the expectation - which is none but your own

look for what you got instead

and ask yourself... 

what is the good in what I got....


maybe a gift is hidden in the unexpected

beyond all you could imagine before


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Did you know?


January 1, 2014 was also a new moon. 2014 was actually a very special year, looking at how the moon phases match the months' beginnings and endings.


I do not consider myself to be an astrologer or a moon expert. Still, I do read about the main qualities of a month. If the moon is able to influence the tides - well, who knows what else is influenced..


What I remember about the new moon: it is a time to release, to start afresh and to set an intention for the upcoming month. Having the new moon at the first of the month AND the first of the year - I consider that a pretty powerful and auspicious moment. 

Now, don´t worry if you missed January 1 - the following reflections are always valid and will still set you off on a more focussed road for this year - better late than not!

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How can I help you?

The Rational and the Intuitive
The Rational and the Intuitive


It´s high time for the next blog.


I´m getting a weird feeling in my stomach – what topic will I choose today? Anything worthwhile sharing that crossed my mind recently?


I remember the very interesting blog posts of my good friends which I follow regularly:

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What´s your networking strategy?

networking - quality or quantity?
conscious networking - pixabay

The following question came up during a business brunch the other week:


How do you network? What´s your strategy?


Do you try to collect as many business cards as possible, or do are you selective about your network? Will you bring 50 or 5 business cards home from a networking event? What´s your aim in networking – connecting to as many new people as possible, or to start building new relationships?


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Playing small

Tell me about your self-confidence
Playing small ... (pic - pixabay)

Did it ever happen to you, that a colleague or a well-meaning friend advised you to „play small“?


It did happen to me recently, again.


My life was pretty turbulent during the past few – or more than few – years. Anything but the standard „school, job, marriage & kids & lived happily ever after“.


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Arbitrage - thoughts on equal rights

use and abuse of power
It is about power - cinema poster of the film 'Arbitrage#

I enjoy long distance flights as I get the opportunity of watching all kinds of new movies, which I would not spend the time and money to watch at home. Sometimes they are just feel good movies – sometimes they touch something inside me, allow a deeper understanding. Which is what movies are about to the actors and director. At least I hope so.


Arbitrage – the short description did not really catch me.

“A troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the deal of his trading empire makes an error that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help.”


Sounded like just another business movie. Mmmh – should I watch it?

The main characters attracted me – both Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon usually feature in films with some depth. Well, at least lately. Not sure you can call “Pretty Woman” a film of depth – certainly a well-made movie and one I thoroughly enjoy watching for the n-th time. And “Thelma and Louise” - that certainly was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

So I decided to go for it.

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Power & Earning Power

The Work - valuable tools in coaching
Byron Katie - Wikimedia Commons

Today I´d like to share a recent experience with a client: she just came back from a course around finances – a little out-of-the-ordinary finance course, not purely rational: it sounded like finances with a touch of psychology.


Psychology and finances – what do they have in common?

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Your title – Is it YOU?

Did you ever reflect on your title? Not so much your qualification as phd, coach, certified so-and-so, rather: what is your job title?


„I am a project lead“ - or project manager? Is this a different gut feeling?

„I am an administrative assistant“ - „I am a house keeper“


My facebook status really triggered this reflection.

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Trust, is it you or is it them?

Ok, it is nearly Christmas, we are nearing the end of this cycle of the Mayan calendar - who has not heard about it.

Are you afraid? 

Or, do you trust all will be well?


And what do you base your trust on?

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